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Our homes are pre-engineered, Post & Beam structures, with all of the materials for the structure delivered to the site for assembly and finishing by local contractors. Each home is designed and engineered for the specific conditions of the site, making efficient use of resources and materials.

Literally infinite! We offer the timeless Classic Lindals, and the modern Lindal Elements, Lindal Architects Collaborative, and Turkel Design for Lindal Cedar Homes. Because of the Post & Beam design and efficient delivery system, the designs of our homes are not constrained by “road width” or structural limitations like pre-fab or modular homes. We can create walls of glass soaring into the sky and open floor plans that maximize living enjoyment. Our philosophy is based on a belief that the human spirit thrives in a highly personalized home that reflects the passions and priorities of the homeowner.

The design process takes as long as you need it to, but once the order is placed you can figure on about 10-12 weeks for Lindal to prepare the plans and deliver the materials on site. The construction phase has many variables, but will typically be 5-12 months depending on the weather, size, and complexity of the home.

The “Turnkey” cost of a Lindal home is the cost per square foot of living area for everything that goes into and under the home, including foundation, the Lindal Materials Package, construction, HVAC, fixtures, cabinets, countertops, appliances, etc. – we mean everything needed to build, power and finish a quality home with quality details, except for the cost of the land and preparing the site.

The Turnkey range for an average size (2500SF) nicely done home will be: Classic Lindal or Lindal Elements, $275-$300/SF; Lindal Imagine Series and Lindal Architects Collaborative, $300-$350/SF, Turkel Design $350-$400/SF.

The range depends on the design (e.g. number of windows, siding/window types) and the finishing choices you make.

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