Our homes are pre-engineered, Post & Beam structures, with all of the materials for the structure delivered to the site for assembly and finishing by local contractors. Each home is designed and engineered for the specific conditions of the region and site, making efficient use of resources and materials.

Bear Creek will provide all of the design, engineering, architecture, dealer services, and the materials for the structure, including all framing materials including interior partitions, fasteners, connectors, screws, nails, etc, architectural-quality posts & beams, roof sheathing, siding with rain screen and pre-stain, windows, exterior and interior trims, exterior and interior doors & hardware, stairs, railings, decks, soffits and fascia, and many other related materials. Everything is packed efficiently and shipped to your site (delivery is included).  All of Lindal’s packages come with a Lifetime Structural Warranty and pricing is locked in at time of deposit!

You have many choices in the types of siding, windows, trim, hardware, etc. For example, there are several different styles of siding, ranging from Composite or Metal to Lindal’s beautiful Western Red Cedar. Windows can be vinyl, cedar, aluminum clad (aluminum exterior and cedar interior) or fibreglass. The architectural grade Posts & Beams are fir; the structure uses a combination of dimensional and engineered lumber. Our subfloors are high-grade plywood, and we typically use plywood instead of OSB or other man-made materials for roofing and sheathing.

No. Our package includes architecture and engineering services. We start with gathering your requirements as to the type of design and size you want to build and reviewing the features of your site (always with an eye on the budget!). A great way to get going is to review the Lindal Planbooks, which are available on this website. We can also work with Lindal’s in-house design team, Lindal’s architect partners or our customers’ architects to produce the concept sketches. 

Literally infinite! We offer the timeless Classic Lindals, and the modern Lindal Elements, Lindal Architects Collaborative, Turkel Designs and the Frank Lloyd Wright Imagine Series for Lindal Cedar Homes. Because of the Post & Beam design and efficient delivery system, the designs of our homes are not constrained by “road width” or structural limitations like pre-fab or modular homes. We can create walls of glass soaring into the sky and open floor plans that maximize living enjoyment. 

We start with a preliminary design session to learn about your objectives, where you plan to build, and your budget. We believe that the design must respect the land and make the best use of it.

The design is developed by you and Bear Creek. Once the design is set and you have chosen the materials specifications (e.g. siding, windows, trim, etc.) we can price the Lindal Materials Package, and develop a budget to estimate all the expected building costs. If you decide to proceed with an order, we take a 20% deposit on the cost of the Lindal Materials Package, and Lindal prepares all of the plans and construction documents. 


The design process takes as long as you need it to, but once the order is placed you can figure on about 10-12 weeks for Lindal to prepare the plans and deliver the materials on site. The construction phase has many variables, but will typically be 5-12 months depending on the weather, size, and complexity of the home.

As part of our dealer services, we maintain a database of qualified contractors, and if none is available where you will build, we help research local contractors. If you have a contractor that you know or who has been recommended to you, we will interview him/her, go over the Lindal plans, and help ensure that they are capable. 

Yes! We think that is part of the fun – everything in your home will be an expression of you and your tastes.

Absolutely, Lindal is “Green from the Ground Up” in our efficient use and delivery of sustainable materials, smart placement of the home on the site, and use of modern construction techniques. Building your Lindal is an opportunity to create a highly energy-efficient home that will reward you with comfort, lower utility bills, and increased value.

Yes. Many Lindals with flat and low-pitched roofs have been built in cold locations throughout North America (and the world). Each home is specifically engineered for the local conditions, including snow load, so Lindal’s engineers take that into account when they determine the sizing of the posts and beams. And no roof is truly “flat”; the roof is framed flat, but Lindal provides a tapered insulation that allows water runoff while appearing “flat”.  You also have the option of changing your roof line.

The cost of a Lindal home will depend of the design series you choose, preferred materials and any changes you make to the design.

We will work with you to achieve your dream Lindal Home while keeping your budget in mind.

Contact Bear Creek Cedar Homes for estimates on any of Lindal’s designs. 


Bear Creek Cedar Homes offers free consultations and estimates. For Lindal’s Classic and Elements series, the design services are a modest $2.00/SF which is entirely refundable when you order your Lindal Home. For a Lindal Architects Collaborative, Turkel Design, or Frank Lloyd Wright home, contact Bear Creek for pricing details.